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Weird huh? Thought I moved huh?

Well I did too.

Livejournal decided to delete my other account. Probably because I was being naughty.

So I'll let you all know when I have a new one up. This is ridiculous. I had a lot of things stored in that journal that I didn't want to get rid of. If you saw the last entry from it, you'd probably understand why they did it.

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I was looking at this again, after yesterdayzhere posted it on his journal. I was showing Elke, who I thought might also have an interest in it. It's a bunch of pix of boys kissing. It seriously just makes me want to make out. A lot of the guys are really hot too. Kissing is just hot.

Went to NoHo for my Uncle Tony's birthday. The kids (twins and Maxeene) all call me "Tita May". I'm the only one of the cousins that they call so properly. In case you didn't know, Tita means "aunt" in Tagalog. I'm technically not their aunt, but that's what Filipinos refer to our relation as. They're my cousin's kids, so that would make them my first cousins once removed.

I think I'll leave work early tomorrow. I'm in no mood to be around people.
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what the FUCK is an "asshat"?

I see that and read it as "ash-at" instead of "ass-hat".
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Sing it again.

My neighbor has been singing Bob Dylan songs for the past hour or so. Good Bob Dylan-- not child-molester-sounding Bob Dylan.

Right now, all I hear is
"Lay, Lady, Lay, lay across my big brass bed..."

But think about it this way. It's like hearing Goofy's rendition of Bob Dylan songs. He's got that exact twang when he sings. And his pitch is terrible.

But for some reason, I'm very entertained.
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I have cheated the system.

From UCR's email system:

"E-mail accounts will be terminated once the user's affiliation with the campus is terminated, unless an extension is requested. One-year is the maximum extension granted."

Interesting. I have no affiliation with UCR. And I requested no extension. And it still works over a year later. Lucky me.

the little shit...

Mike, your cat is a nightmare, and she hates you and I both.

Not only did she pee on the doormat, but she left me a present under the display case. She's mad at you. I'm surprised she didn't leave a turd on the pillow.